Celebrate Midsummer on Sunday June 23rd!

Come join us at the Majstång (Swedish for Maypole) at 2:00 on Sunday, June 23 at the Karl Oskar House, located at Ki Chi Saga Park. Susan Karpowicz will play a variety of Norwegian and Swedish tunes on her Hardanger fiddle and Swedish Latfiol fiddle from 2-3:00; the House will be open for tours from 1:00 to 4:00, hosted by Marty Harding and Gary Noren.
The Chisago Lakes Ambassadors will decorate the Majstång with flowers and have a Swag Table, with lemonade, water towers, shirts, raffle tickets, flags, and coloring sheets for kids. Girls will be in Swedish dresses. Twinflower Books is planning to set up a bookmark making station for the kids.Små grodorna (Swedish for “The Little Frogs”), a traditional Swedish song and dance, will be played and sung and hopefully danced – if a dance leader can be found.